Top Engineering Colleges – An Overview

In India there are many top engineering colleges and institutions, but the question is which of them will give you a degree, which one will give good career opportunities? It is not that easy to find out the right school from the big pack of engineering schools. A student has to be selective in selecting the best engineering college for his educational aspirations. I have made the list of top 10 institutions in India, which can be considered for prospective students to choose.

Specializations: Trichy is an Associate Unitary University which has very good pre-medical programs. The best engineering college in India that specializes in Trichy is AIIMS, in collaboration with IIT Delhi. Other top specializations in Trichy include nuclear medicine and biotechnology.

Ranking: The best engineering colleges in India are listed here with the country’s top ranking in National Ranking Framework. They have been removed from the top position keeping in mind their performance during past few years in TOEFL and other international exams. They have also been removed from the top position once they were found not to be providing quality education.

Programs Offered: There are many top institutions in India offering various programs like MBBS, BCA, and other courses in different fields. Some of them offer specialized MBBS programs in India with more number of years of study compared to others. Some of them also specialize in electrical and electronics courses. India has been rated 10th in the world for MBA in Engineering with over half the population belonging to the MBBS category. This makes it one of the better colleges for those who are looking for advanced career opportunities.


Ranking: IT-BPO industry is extremely booming here in India. As per research, India has become the largest provider of offshore IT contract work in the world. There are many top engineering colleges in India except for Jamshedpur in Rajasthan that is just behind in terms of population. Some of these are government institutions and private colleges.


Entrance Exam: All engineering courses offered by these colleges are taken after clearing the entrance exam properly. The colleges make sure that all students come through the entrance test with flying colors. A lot of efforts are made by these colleges to keep the ratio of students to faculty and staff ratios in excess of 2.5. These colleges have a very high success rate of 98% for the students who take up the course. In spite of having a good percentage of students who get through the exam with flying colors, the numbers who actually make it through and come out as top professionals are not enough.

Ranking: Engineering colleges in India have been gaining immensely with time. It is observed that with the growing popularity of these institutes, the students prefer to opt for these colleges rather than others. Engineering course is one of the most in-demand courses. The number of candidates opting for this course is also increasing with time. As per the latest trend, the popularity of these institutes has been on the rise.


There are several other top engineering colleges in India that also offer a degree in information technology like IIFT, IIT Delhi, BCA, GMAT Delhi, and IIT Madrasa. All these courses have earned recognition in various fields but information technology and web engineering are rapidly growing in popularity. Thus, the demand for a good IT college in India like BCA, IIFT, and IIT Delhi is rising at a great pace.


Placement: Students from these top engineering colleges in India are sure to bag few placements in national-level exams like CAT, MAT, AIIMS, and TOEFL. In fact, with the help of their placement tests, they can achieve an edge over other students. At present, there are many students, who are undergoing training in computer programming, website designing, web development, and programming in various mediums. This has also helped them in securing top-notch positions in international firms.

Top Employers: Besides IT and BPO companies, some of the well-known multinational companies from the United Kingdom have established their headquarters in some of the top engineering colleges in India like Kanpur, Hubli, and Bhatye Beach. Some of the famous BPO companies in India have their headquarters in Kanpur. Kanpur, along with its sister cities of Hubli, Bhatye Beach, and Badami, are very popular among the BPO professionals due to its closeness to the political and business center of the country. BPO headquarters in Kanpur are provided by a number of companies that are based in India.

To tap the talent and expertise of thousands of graduates and postgraduate every year, there are numerous training and certification centers available at various engineering colleges in India. These institutions provide short term and long term training programs to bright students, for a good-paying job. The institutes have proved that, a student will earn at least a couple of hundred dollars more, after a one-year course. Hence, getting yourself enrolled with a reputed institute will not only help you gain a better career, but will also help you land up with lucrative jobs.

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