How To Insure Your Car In Canada Information

How To Insure Your Car In Canada

Car insurance premiums in Canada can vary by hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year, so a little shopping around before you buy a car won’t hurt. Remember that you will need the insurance even before you can take your car to a ride home. Car insurance is probably the only service that I can sincerely say “Cheaper is better”.

Here are some helpful tips on insuring your car in Canada:

How To Insure Your Car In Canada

1. Usually insurance brokers can find a better price for your auto insurance than most insurance companies, because they can look into the products of many companies and compare. For my last car I called a certain insurance company and they gave me a quote of $250 per month. On the same day I called two car insurance brokers and they gave me quotes of $196 and $188 CDN for the same kind of coverage. Needless to say which one I chose. Also, there are many web sites that can do the same job as an insurance broker. They can compare prices from many companies, and are free to use. However, don’t stop with just one or two insurance brokers. Shop widely between auto insurance brokers, because some of them work with just a limited number of car insurance companies.

2. If you have a valid driving license from another country as well, let your insurance agent know. Also, if you have had owned a car in another country, bring proof for previous insurances.

3. Consider what kind of insurance will fit your needs the best. For example, if your car is ten year old and you haven’t payed that much money for it, you can consider getting only “Liabilities” coverage and decline the “Comprehensive” coverage. That means your insurance company will pay all damages for un accident in which you were found to be the “at fault” party, but won’t pay the damage to your car. However, if you weren’t at fault your damages would be covered.

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4. Allow the insurance company to automatically withdraw the insurance payments from your bank account every month. If you don’t do that you will be responsible to pay your car insurance on time every month. If you don’t pay on time even one time the insurance company will most likely drop your insurance, and your next one will be very expensive as a result.

5. You will be required to pay for the first and the last month of the one year insurance coverage when you insure a car for the first time in Canada.

6. After you have the insurance ready, drive safe and avoid any tickets. This will help lower your car insurance for the next year. And the opposite – if you have had an “at fault” accident or even one ticket such as speeding ticket, your insurance will go higher.

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7. In Canada there are 3 different kinds of driving licences – G1 (written test), G2 (intermediate) and G (full license). If you have had a G2 license when you insured your car, and subsequently you obtain G license during the year, make sure that you call your insurance agent and give him/her this information. Most companies will lower your car insurance premiums immediately, and some will do it when renewing your policy next time.

8. At the beginning of the 11th month of your insurance policy, it is a good time to call your insurance agent and ask about your next year’s premiums. With that information in your mind, you can start shopping around again. With clean driving record and no accidents, chances are you might be able to find even a better price.

9. Usually, if you insure your car and your house with the same insurance company you can get a significant discount. For example, for only $20-30 you can insure both at the same time.

10. Another way to pay less for your auto insurance in Canada, especially if you are a young driver, is to take a certified driver’s education course. All drivers who had completed the drivers course in the last three years before insuring a car get a significant discount in their premiums.


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